I offer workshops and retreats to support you to drop into a deep relationship with your body and yourself.

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Women’s Temple

Bodies unwinding, re-awakening, Sensing, feeling.

Moving from our own deep rhythm Coming home to ourselves within a circle of women.

Imagine a softly lit space, where you are welcome just as you are, where you sit in circle with other women and begin to honour and cherish yourself, where you allow space and time to flow in the rhythm and beauty of the feminine.

In the frantic pace of modern living there is little time and space for deep self-nourishment.

Women’s Temple is a space for women of all ages to soften, relax, be welcome in their fullness, drop into presence, dance and replenish.

Within a structure of simple exercises, we will share meditation, simple movement and embodiment practices and respectful, nourishing touch.

There is sometimes a place for words as enquiry, however this is not a verbal sharing circle, rather an invitation to go deeper than words. Into the felt experience of the body.

There is a seat for you in this circle and we welcome your unique, beautiful self.

Facilitated by Jacqualene Ryan and Nora Zimerman.

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Sundays 6.30- 8.30pm

January 27th – as part of taster/opening day of jiva’s women’s circle

Feb 18th

March 25th

April 22nd

May 13th

Womb Awakening

Womb Awakening sessions are available individually as well as through workshops.

This is powerful work for women and men to connect to their seat of deep power – the womb, or for men the hara. Men are welcome on this path also.

Sessions are tailored for your needs and may involve shamanic journeying, meditation, sacred sound, movement or sacred ceremony. These sessions can be powerful to connect you to womb/hara, releasing sexual trauma, reclaiming our erotic innocence and sexual sovereignty, releasing womb grief after loss/abortion/miscarriage, painful menstruation, infertility and preparing for and inviting conscious conception.

I have trained in this work with The Fountain of Life.


‘The womb is not a place to store fear or pain.
The womb is to create and birth life’

– 13th rite of the Munay-Ki

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