Our bodies know they belong,

it’s our minds that make our lives so homeless.’ – John O’Donahue

Biodynamic body psychotherapy

What is biodynamic body psychotherapy?

The term ‘bio’ refers to life energy and ‘dynamic’ means the free flowing
of this energy.

This is core to the approach of biodynamic body psychotherapy, restoring the unimpeded free flow of your life-force, allowing you to express more fully your unique self.

We will use a range of methods to explore your thoughts, feeling and emotions, including talking therapy, bodywork and tuning into body sensations.

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy was developed by the Norweigen psychotherapist, Gerda Boyeson (1922-2005).

LOCATION, Timing and fees

I work from peaceful therapy rooms in central Richmond and Wimbledon a few minutes from the main line station with good links to central London.

Sessions last one hour and cost £50-£60 depending on location, with some concessions available. Sessions are weekly, generally at a regular specified time.

Therapy can be short term or longer term according to your needs.

The initial session will include taking some health information and an overview and agreements for our working together.

I am happy to have a chat with you on the phone to see if body psychotherapy could be helpful for you.

Biodynamic Massage

What is biodynamic massage?

Biodynamic massage can be part of biodynamic psychotherapy but is also offered by itself.

Biodynamic massage works with different methods of touch to address the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the person.

Each session is uniquely tailored for how your body and mind is on that day and I will use specific techniques to support your system towards finding more wholeness and harmony.

What happens in a session?

A session will begin with a verbal check in to find out about your physical, mental and emotional state.

I will then use biodynamic massage techniques tailored to your needs, to support the free flow of energy in your body and release blockages.

You can wear light clothing or underwear, whichever is more comfortable. I will use a specially designed stethoscope to listen to your gut, as a form of feedback about what is happening in your body. The massage will support you in becoming more in touch with your body and tuning into its innate wisdom and healing capacity.

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I feel permission to be myself. Having somewhere to come and know I am supported exactly as I am has been really important for me.

- Carolina

After biodynamic massage sessions I feel great relief and sleep deeply. There is often a release of emotions I’ve been carrying, and I feel much lighter. The different methods of touch have met my needs at many different levels.

- Simon