Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

It uses passive stretching and rhythmic pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems.
It is a powerful massage for releasing tension and can be both relaxing and energising.
Thai massage is done fully clothed wearing loose, comfortable clothing on a futon on the floor.

One hour session £60

One and half hour session £85

Thank you for your caring and relaxing touch. I always feel great and really appreciate that you give time to check in with how I am and tailor the treatment for me and what I need each time.

- Marc

I carry so much tension in my neck and shoulders and your massages really help me to release it and let go. I love the deep pressure and stretches. Jacqualene’s touch and presence is truly warm, caring and reassuring.

- Trisha

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