Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

in Wimbledon, Richmond and Central London

‘There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.’

Psychotherapy offers you the chance to come into a deeper relationship with yourself. You will become aware of how certain life events have impacted you and how unconscious patterns may be influencing your life.

Every life event takes place not only in our mind, but in our body. Our mental, emotional and physical experiences are interdependent.

Biodynamic body psychotherapy includes both talking therapy and bodywork, acknowledging that we carry unexpressed feelings in the body. There may be painful feelings of anger, shame, fear and grief but also feelings of love, joy, pleasure and spontaneity. By burying all of this, we cut off our true ‘aliveness’.


Through talking, tuning into body sensations, bodywork (biodynamic massage) and awareness of relational dynamics we are able to access what has been repressed and what wants to be expressed.

My sessions offer an environment of acceptance and being truly listened to. In feeling fully accepted, we develop love and compassion for ourselves which allows us to express who we truly are. As this happens our body naturally becomes more responsive and alive.

Biodynamic massage sessions are also available independently of psychotherapy, as a way to connect more deeply with your body.


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The depth and openness of Jacqualene’s presence made it easy to share and be vulnerable. I felt nurtured, safe and held.

- Sophia

Working with Jacqualene has helped me to become more in touch with myself, my feelings and my body. Jacqualene offers a profound quality of listening and non-judgment, as well as a lightness and gentleness that I really appreciated. I felt a lot of stuck emotions releasing with the biodynamic massage. My back pain has also greatly improved

- Amy